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Amanda and Joseph

Loving couple excited to adopt a child

Hello! We are Amanda and Joseph, and we are very excited about the chance to show you who we are!

First, know that we are amazed with your courage and strength to consider an adoption plan. We know you have tremendous love for your child.

The two of us have been lucky to have grown together as a couple over the past seven years. As we enter into the next phase of our lives, we look forward to teaching and supporting a child. We have a ton of love to give a child, and a large group of supporting family and friends excited to welcome a new member to the family! We all look forward to creating new and exciting adventures, exploring the child's passion and interests.

Thank you for considering us and know you are in our prayers!


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  • Hiking to the top of the mountain ranges in Montana

  • Annual Murder Mystery Parties, created and hosted by Joseph and Amanda!

  • Traveling to different countries, learning about new cultures

Values we will teach our children


Hikers in love!

Hikers in love!

Amanda about Joseph:

  1. His Laughter and Humor!

  2. His Passion for His Faith

  3. His Love of Board Games

  4. His Love for Family

  5. That He is My Soul Mate

Joseph about Amanda:

  1. Her Passion

  2. Her Playful Nature

  3. How She Always Challenges Me

  4. How She Helps Me Grow My Faith

  5. That She Makes Me A Better Man

Hopeful Adoptive parents Amanda and Joseph Adoption Profile

"At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling!"
- Shanti

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Our Promise,

We promise to always love and honor your baby, and offer your child all of the opportunities life has to offer.

We will support all of their dreams and do everything in our power to make their dreams come true.

We promise to raise your child in a Christian home. We will always laugh with them, cry with them, and be their #1 fan. We want you as the birth mother to know that they will never want for anything and always know that they have a loving birth mother who made the ultimate sacrifice for their baby’s happiness.

Thank you for considering us to become the adoptive parents of your baby.


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