adoption profile for anne and jay adopting second child

Anne & Jay


Happy loving family hoping to grow through adoption

Hi, we are Anne and Jay.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family;

We realize that you are making a very important consideration regarding potential adoptive parents. First, we would like to say what a brave, self-sacrificing decision you are considering in choosing adoption. It must be somewhat overwhelming which is why we admire you for exploring this path. If you choose us as parents, we will provide your child a happy upbringing, and secure future, filled with as many opportunities and choices as possible. We have a wonderful life, an adorable adopted three and a half year old daughter and a comfortable home. We are excited to adopt again and add more joy to our family. We have such a loving home we would cherish the chance to welcome your baby into our family.


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adoptive parent profile for loving family hoping to adopt

A Few Fun Facts About Us

Adoptive parent profile for family hoping to adopt second child


  • The best mix of smart, laid back and loving
  • Very social, has many good friends he keeps in his life
  • Though he has a good time he is also responsible both professionally and personally
  • A fabulous father who is willing and wants to share in taking care of Edie
  • Very loyal


Ivan climbing at a gym in San Francisco


  • Nurturing by nature - served in the Peace Corps and was a special education teacher
  • Appreciates the simple and important things in life
  • Played lacrosse in college on a team called the Griffins
  • A doting mother - there isn't anything she wouldn't do for Edie
  • Values education - earned a Masters in Public Health
adoptive family profile for loving family of three

A Few Fun Facts About Edie

Loving family hoping to grow through adoption
  • Born in Las Vegas
  • Hums tunes while eating her food
  • Loves books and reading time
  • Her stuffed animal dog "Toodle" is her favorite toy
  • Actually enjoys eating broccoli
Adoptive family profile hoping to adopt second child

Our Family Snapshots

On a hike outside of San Francisco

Closing Message,

Our greatest contribution to society would be to raise a child in a loving, nurturing environment; while endeavoring to instill our most cherished values. We also recognize that a child will develop their own interests, their own values, and their own possibilities. Guiding a child's life, while letting them explore who they want to become, is even more important when raising an adopted child. We will love your child...unconditionally. We think that the more love a child has, the better.

Anne & Jay


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