adoption profile for loving family praying to adopt second child


Bethany and Daniel excited to adopt a child

Hello. Although we’ve never met, we can only imagine how brave you are. You are a woman we have been fervently praying for, and admire deeply.

You are making a courageous decision for the future of your child and for yourself. We are so grateful that you are considering adoption and us to possibly raise your baby.

We have been trying to start our family for almost six years, and love being around children, constantly dreaming of our future, envisioning a family of our own. With our fertility issues, we’ve struggled, but grown as a couple, creating a stronger marriage to welcome a child home. We feel God pulling our hearts towards parenthood, through adoption, and know He is opening a door for us to welcome a new little life into our home. We appreciate you considering us to parent your child, and to help us complete our family!

Daniel and Bethany


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The LORD bless you and keep you. The LORD let his face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The LORD look upon you kindly and give you peace.

Numbers 6: 24-26

hopeful adoptive parents

Top 5 Things that Make us Happy

  • Going to coffee shops

  • Relaxing on the couch with our two furry cats, Boots and Gryff

  • Traveling around the country to see family and friends

  • Swimming in our back yard pool

  • Enjoying the arts at museums and Broadway musicals


Values we will teach our children

Favorite Vacation Spots

Another favorite vacation spot, Denver, Colorado

Another favorite vacation spot, Denver, Colorado

  1. Hawaii

  2. Denver, Colorado

  3. Adirondack Mountains in New York

  4. Flagstaff, Arizona

  5. Disney World

Stopping for a special treat in Colorado while visiting Daniel’s family

Stopping for a special treat in Colorado while visiting Daniel’s family

We are unfailingly grateful at the sacrifice you have chosen to make, on your child’s behalf.

If you choose us to parent your child, we can promise you we will love your child deeply and unconditionally. You will be honored and prayed for in our household, and the life you’ve created will know of your love for him or her, and how you have entrusted us to be his or her parents. Thank you for reading our profile, and know we have unending love and gratitude for your family and the brave decision you have chosen to make for the future of yourself and your child.

With Love,

Bethany and Daniel


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