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Bethany and Stepha


Loving couple ready to adopt a achild
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Hello! We are honored that you would consider us as parents for your child and hope you will get a sense of what the future of your child would look like as a member of our family.

Our adoption journey started with the loss of our baby daughter, Adelaide, who was stillborn this past year. We were so excited to welcome a new child into our lives. While we are saddened by her loss, we are thankful for the direction she has given us. We knew right away that we wanted to add to our family and believe adoption is the way for us to grow. Ella and Henry are so excited to be big brother and sister to their precious new sibling! Raising children is a huge responsibility.

As parents, our philosophy is not to make a child into the image of what we think they should be, but rather to provide an environment of love and protection, and nourish their minds, bodies and souls, so they can become who they are meant to be.

We hope you see that we have room in our hearts and home to welcome and love your child forever.


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Our FAVORITE vacation spots!

  • We love to visit Disney World, especially Epcot center!

  • Disney cruises

  • The mountains of New Hampshire

Values we will teach our children

5 Things we LOVE to do on the weekend!

We are excited to adopt and share the beach with our child

  1. Visit a nearby park with the kids

  2. Biking

  3. Go to the beach

  4. Hike on sand dunes

  5. Cookout w friends

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"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it."
- Charles R. Swindoll

Loving family of four hoping to adopt a child

In Closing,

With our whole hearts, we promise you that a child put in our arms will be so loved.

We will always make sure your child knows about you, and knows that the decision for adoption was made out of love. We would love to share stories, letters and pictures of your child growing up if that is something you desire.

Thank you for "meeting" our family. We hope to meet you soon!

Sending you our love.

Bethany and Stephan


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