David & Stephen

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Hello, we are David & Stephen. We are very enthusiastic about adopting.

We are so excited and honored you are considering us to be the adoptive parents of your baby. We know this must be the most difficult decision you have been faced with and we can not imagine what you must be feeling. We are so impressed with your courage and strength.

We have been together for over five years and due to a recent land sale we were able to get recently married and retire. We are best friends and love spending most of our time together.

David and Stephen


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Fun Places We Want To Take A Child

  • Disney World

  • Galveston Island

  • Big Bend National Park

  • Grand Canyon

  • Schlitterbahn Waterpark New Braunfels


Things that Make Us Happy:

  • Playing Peekaboo with a Little One

  • Having a Pool Party with Our Niece & Nephew

  • Watching Disney Movies with Niece & Nephew

  • Family BBQs

  • Going Hiking & Road Trips with Our Dogs

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We are excited to grow our family through adoption!

In Closing,

We promise to always love and honor your baby. We promise to offer your child all of the opportunities life has to offer and to give them the best education possible. We will support all of their dreams and do everything in our power to make their dreams come true.

Thank you for considering us to become the adoptive parents of your baby.

David and Stephen

Shannon and Anthony, happy loving couple family hoping to adopt a child

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