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Clint & Michelle


Loving family of three praying to adopt second child

Hello! We are Clint and Michelle along with our daughter, Finley.

We want to thank you for making a courageous and selfless choice to seek a beautiful life for your little one. We are so honored to be considered as a family for your child!

It is our hope that we can provide you with a picture of what our life looks like and what kind of life your baby will have. We are devoted Christians, loyal spouses, and loving parents. For us, adoption is not a second choice because we can’t have more children of our own. In our home, we value love, kindness, serving, and quality time together above all else. We have coffee and breakfast together every morning. We spend full days together with our daughter, Finley, at the park, the pool, the rec center, the lake, the library, on play dates, or exploring our beautiful town. We have a home cooked meal together every evening, and finish each day praying and reading Finley to sleep. We promise to provide the same love and devotion to your child every day. We promise to surround your child with the best friends and extended family out there. We parent by grace, as we believe God provides His grace to us on a daily basis. We promise to provide a beautiful, loving, stable life for your child, filled with every opportunity to reach any dream. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking time to consider us. The honor is truly ours! 

Clint, Michelle, and Finley


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A Few Fun Facts About Us

  • We met on while living 19 hours apart!
  • We're both very musical and artistic

  • Nothing is better for us than a day at the lake!

Values we will teach our children

Things We Will Teach Our Children

  • To love God and others above all else
  • Not to worry or be anxious because God is in
  • Family is everything
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Romans 8:38-39 -
"[Nothing] will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in
Christ Jesus our Lord" 

Thanks for getting to know us!

In Closing,

We are SO thankful from the bottom of our hearts for you! We promise that this child will be smothered with more love than it’s going to know what to do with. We promise to always remind your child how much you loved him/her and how extremely brave, strong, and selfless you were. We will provide all kinds of different opportunities in life and will support the child in every dream. We want you to come away from this confident and KNOW that your child will be so very loved. We look forward to this journey with you and will love and support whatever adoption plan you have!

Clint, Michelle, and Finley


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