Shannon & Brian are hoping to adopt

A Washington beach with family

A Washington beach with family

Hello! We are Brian and Shannon.

We have two daughters, Jillian (age 12) and Meredith (age 10).

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us and our family as you make one of the most courageous and loving decisions that you can possibly make. We are in awe of you! We hope that our profile book and this page give you a good idea of the loving, supportive, and fun home that we have waiting for your little one! Although we stay busy and enjoy our small family of four, we have all felt for some time that our family is not yet complete. We have more love to give! After many years of important family conversations, we have decided to leap with our hearts! Our hearts are bursting with love to welcome a new little one!


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5 Favorite Family Traditions

Baking at Nannie & Papa’s farm

Baking at Nannie & Papa’s farm

  • Making candy & decorating gingerbread houses

  • Picking blackberries at Nannie & Papa's farm then making cobbler

  • Traveling to Washington state & Washington DC to visit cousins

  • Halloween costumes & trick-or-treating

  • Cheering on the Texas A&M Aggies


5 Things that Make All 4 of Us Happy


  • Snuggling with our cats

  • Baking or creating in the kitchen

  • Spending time with family and friends

  • Reading and learning new things

  • Being active - roller skating, gymnastics, yoga, skiing

Sea kayaking in Washington state

Sea kayaking in Washington state

Shannon and Brian can't wait to add a third child to their family through the miracle of adoption

In Closing

Our favorite beach in Washington

Our favorite beach in Washington

Our family values learning, kindness, family & community, service, fun & adventure.

This little one will become part of our bustling family right away (or at least as soon as is safe for the baby to venture out!), attending big sisters' school, church, and neighborhood events and competitions. Whatever decision you ultimately make, we support you with your choice. We want you to be fully at peace with the direction you take. If you choose our family, we promise to love this child fully and unconditionally, & gently guide all of our children as they grow to be fulfilled adults with strong roots. Prayers to you and best wishes!

Love, Brian & Shannon


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