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Hello! We’re Vanessa & Ron

Thank you for considering adoption. We commend your courage and tenacity during this time. We know that you truly love your child, and we promise to love, cherish and spoil him or her too. We are so looking forward to the ability to love this child, and to share his or her milestones and triumphs with you. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into our lives as you hand pick the family that is best for your child.


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Our Favorite Things To Do Together

After Thanksgiving tradition - Frosty photo op and the walk of trees

After Thanksgiving tradition - Frosty photo op and the walk of trees

  • Go for a family walk together – we love exploring our hometown and enjoy walking around new towns too!

  • Vacation around the US – we love our country and are always looking for new places to visit - Mackinac Island is our all time favorite

  • Host a summer BBQ - we love to be around people!

  • Celebrate a holiday - we love them all but Christmas is our favorite!

  • Get outdoors - we love visiting parks - we have 10 parks in our downtown and wonderful metro parks, and we enjoy all 4 seasons here!  

vanessa and ron are wonderful parents to three children and can't wait to adopt a fourth child

5 Things That Ron Loves

  • I have a soft spot for chips – any and all types but especially Ballreichs

  • I love watching and playing sports; Vanessa converted me into a runner

  • I love going out to eat.  One of my favorite ways to relax after a long week is a good dinner with my wife or family, and one that I don’t have to clean up after

  • I like to make things – I am lucky that I get to be creative both at home and at work

  • I love to travel and see new places. I enjoy planning trips for our family!


5 Things That Vanessa Loves

  • Chocolate – Ron knows the way to my heart is chocolate!

  • Being outside – I love to be outside, even in the winter! We are so blessed to have all four seasons where we live, and we enjoy them all

  • Holidays – Christmas is my favorite! I love all the Christmas joy and happiness, but I love celebrating holidays and family birthdays too

  • Baking, cooking, and creating in the kitchen.  I have loved to bake since I was a child – sharing my creations with others gives me so much joy

  • Traveling – we have stayed in the US for our travels but we have fun exploring our country and meeting new people!

How lucky I was to make a fluttery friend

How lucky I was to make a fluttery friend


In Closing


We began our family 9 years ago. Three daughters and a few dogs later, we are hoping to add the final missing piece to our family puzzle by adopting a child. Adoption has always been near and dear to our hearts and we feel strongly called to complete our family through adoption. We have so much love to give and can’t wait to welcome another child into our lives. Thank you for choosing adoption, and for choosing life. We pray that God is with you during your journey and that you know how much we value and cherish you as a person.

- Vanessa & Ron

We have so much love to give to another child through adoption

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